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UX Design

Raun Kercher has a non-liner UX Design process made to learn more and understand your website users and their interaction with a website. In this process we do research to find information on what devices the various personas might use and we uncover scenarios the user might face to better understand what is driving their interactions with the interface. Once we have learned more about the users, we design prototypes/interfaces that have a more refined interactive design that is based off of the studies conducted and the analytics and data that are found. After this step we refine the prototype again. We develop the website. Test it and review the analytics. When we see the analytics we will see if we need to return to a previous step. These case studies will go over the process and show examples of some of the steps used and reveal my involvement with UX Design. In some cases, multiple steps are a part of the example.

UX Design Process


Discuss the project with client. Understand what problem needs to be solved. Understand more about the existing users and what information already exists.


Conduct surveys on potential user. Search for data on potential users. Learn more about interests of users


Create low fidelity prototypes. Test them with various personas in different scenarios.


Create high fidelity prototypes. Develop website.


Launch website and test the live website.

Analyze Again

Review analytics and find out what is going on. Possibly return to a previous step of this process.

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To Get Started

In order to get started, Raun Kercher will meet with you to discuss your website’s purpose and the vision you have for the project. After the meeting and discussion, pricing options will be available. Contact Raun Kercher today to start!