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The samples in this collection of videos include recordings of the user interface (UI), user experience (UX) design and user research presentations.

View each video to gain an understanding of the insights from UX research participants & the resulting preliminary prototypes created for the UI/UX design.


As a User Experience Strategist I provide direction on the UX research performed. This helps provide support and guidance towards next decisions and steps of the user interface and user experience. Following the UX Design Process, I've created and delivered conceptual prototypes, and presented UX research results to stakeholders. You can review the UX Design Process in relation to this project below.


The objective of this ongoing project is to offer the best solution for users with the goal for a user friendly experience. A self-service approach for members and potential members cuts service costs and makes the user's journey a delightful experience and encourages them to return.

UX Methodology


To kick-off the process, we review pre-existing information on members, prospective members and/or other users of the interface. We review existing analytics, competitor information and data from existing sources to understand more about the users and any existing problems that need to be resolved on the website. In collaboration with team members, we gather this information. Every iteration of this process focuses on a particular product.


The surveys are released early to learn more about potential users in the different product areas. There have been both members and non-member surveys released. The questions for the surveys are created, released and data is gathered. Additional supporting research may be conducted at this time.


This step involves the analysis of the existing website or prototypes. With the product as a focus, the user interface and user experience are examined by participants from our UX research platform called ‘User Testing’. When participants are reviewing the UI/UX they are asked to complete a set of tasks and answer questions. Most studies are qualitative, however, they may also be quantitative. The results of the studies are recorded as a presentation and the slide deck is organized in the User Experience Research Library.


This process involves the translation of the prototypes to the building of the web development work within the staging environment. This step involves communication with developers or web content editor team members. The members of the team collaboratively conduct a QA review of the website from the staging environment.


After the website has gone live, the same team ensures accuracy again by a follow up QA review.

Analyze Again

We cycle back to the ‘Analyze’ step.